Cooking Oil Trigger Sprayer

Special Spray Nozzle for cooking oil. Food Grade Material
28/400, 28/410 Closure sizes

Stable Quality

PCR Material Available Now!

PCR is short for post-consumer recycled. PCR products are made from recycled plastic from discarded materials from households, commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. Post-consumer waste is the world’s largest waste stream. Therefore we are constantly looking for ways to reduce the size of this stream. Martware uses PCR Material to produce plastic item is a very eco-friendly solution.



Tamper Evident Closure Design
Normal 28/400, 28/410 available too. 
Big Actuator
Comfortable hand push

Long Nozzle Lotion Pump

Long Nozzle Lotion Pump
1 Push = 3.0 CC
Suitable for hand sterilization liquid

Continuous Trigger Sprayer

Super Design! Continuous Trigger Sprayer. This is really a wonderful and amazing product this year.  Adjustable Nozzle, Comfortable Trigger Touch.
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  • Disposable Use
  • 30ml Volume
  • 0.08 CC Dosage
  • Customize Color
  • MOQ 10000 PCS