Special Spray Nozzle for cooking oil. Food Grade Material
28/400, 28/410 Closure sizes

Oil Cooking Trigger Sprayer
Oil Cooking Trigger Sprayer

Continuous Trigger Sprayer

Super Design! Continuous Trigger Sprayer. This is really a wonderful and amazing product this year.  Adjustable Nozzle, Comfortable Trigger Touch.
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Child Resistant
Nasal Sprayer
  • Nozzle Cap Protection (Push Down to open)
  • Actuator Clip Lock
  • Customize Color
  • Customize Label
  • Food Grade RAW Material
  • Disposable Use
  • 30ml Volume
  • 0.08 CC Dosage
  • Customize Color
  • MOQ 10000 PCS

Tamper Evident Closure Design
Normal 28/400, 28/410 available too. 
Big Actuator
Comfortable hand push

Long Nozzle Lotion Pump

Long Nozzle Lotion Pump
1 Push = 3.0 CC