Perfume Atomizer, MW30-1-P


Perfume Atomizer

Closure: 13 MM, 15 MM, 18 MM

20 MM

Dose: 0.04 CC, 0.08 CC

Color: Can be on your requests

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PCR Material Available Now!

PCR is short for post-consumer recycled. PCR products are made from recycled plastic from discarded materials from households, commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. Post-consumer waste is the world’s largest waste stream. Therefore we are constantly looking for ways to reduce the size of this stream. Martware uses PCR Material to produce plastic item is a very eco-friendly solution.


Perfume Atomizer

  • Crimp Closure
  • 0.05 ~0.09 CC Dosage
  • Customize Color
  • Customize Dip tube Length
  • MOQ 10000 PCS
Perfume Sprayer
Perfume Sprayer

Wide Spray Nozzle

  • Food Grade Material
  • PE, Rubber and Silicone Gasket options
  • Suitable for Perfume Liquid

Customize Closure

  • Customize Color
  • Customize Closure Style
  • Customize Diameter and height
Perfume Sprayer

Shipment Term: FOB, C&F, CIF, DDU, DDP by sea or air shipment. 
Extra Services:  Organize Shipment and Customs Clearance
Sales Area: Worldwide